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Your falsification or duplication thanks to a sophisticated cryptographic system that protects users, at the time that simplifies transactions is impossible. In addition to the network - already secure of si - users have with their own purses, protected by themselves. In this way, can ensure that only bitcoin are spent by the owners, and for the specific operation they decide. There are no intermediaries: transactions are made directly from person to person. Its peer-to-peer operation allows almost instant transactions, with very low costs of processing.

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It is decentralized: is not controlled by any State, Bank, financial institution or company. This does not mean that Governments be removed (in fact some have tried to regulate its use), but are unable to impose themselves. Its "anarchic" operation allows that it is not possible to generate inflation by creating more

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currency (and Yes you can make a country), but the network itself, through mining, managing emissions bitcoin in a decentralized fashion and always according to the actual demand.

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